Toyota: Recalls May ‘Not Totally’ Resolve Issues

Many (including me) have pointed out that the floor mat and ‘sticky pedals’ issues do not fully address the nature of many of the complaints in the NHTSA ODI database.   Specifically,

  1. Many complainants have vouched that the accelerator pedals have not been stuck and in several cases, the floor mat was not present.
  2. There has been a significant spike in the number of SSUA (sudden and sustained unintended acceleration) incidents since Toyota introduced the ETCS-I across multiple models in 2001/2002.   Even the 2010 Toyota Camry, which has been barely on the market for a few months, has 18 complaints in the vehicle speed control category already.   The complaint count since 2002 is way disproportionate in relation to market share when compared complaints filed on other carmaker models.

Now, the US Toyota Chief has acknowledged that Toyota cannot rule out problems in electronics, and that the floor mat and sticky pedal fixes may not fully resolve the SUA issue.    Given earlier emphatic denials from Toyota that electronics was not a problem behind SUA, does the burden of proof of safety now shift unequivocally to Toyota?


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