The Toyota webinar I would like to see

On its website,  Toyota has a webinar describing highlights of its electronic throttle control system.  (For my comments on that webinar, please see a previous blog posting).   In that webinar, Dr. Paul Williamsen of the University of Toyota and Kristen Tabar, General Manager of Electronics Engineering at Toyota Technical Center in Michigan present key features of the ETCS-I and how it is tested for electro-magnetic interference (EMI).

A Toyota webinar I would like to see will comprise of the following:

  1. A similar presentation made by Toyota engineers who were deeply involved with the design of the ETCS-I and with the testing on vehicles that exhibited udden unintended acceleration.   Real-time translation can be used if core designers are not fluent in English – but there are certainly engineers at Toyota who are well-versed in both English and Japanese.   (No dis-respect to Dr. Williamsen or Ms. Tabar – their presentations were very clear and informative.  But they were clearly not involved in the design and long-term testing of the ETCS-I, and cannot speak to all aspects of the system).
  2. Media representatives may be present but the webinar is attended by reputed experts (a) from academia, government and the private sector, (b) with in-depth knowledge in mechanical engineering, embedded hardware, embedded software, sensors, actuators, automotive electricals, diagnostics, and (c) with backgrounds in other safety-critical real-time systems including automobiles, avionics, nuclear power plants, aerospace systems, and defense systems.
  3. There is an open-ended Q&A session with the experts in attendance after the formal presentations.

Can it happen? Sure.  Will it happen?


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