Toyota Recall Fixes Not Helping?

BusinessWeek reports that some Toyota vehicles, which were fixed as part of the recent massive recalls, have continued to exhibit sudden unintended acceleration.   Unfortunately, not very surprising, is it?    *IF* Toyota knows more than what it has admitted publicly, this may be a good time to bite the bullet and address the situation.   (The first principle of modern PR is to get all the bad news out as quickly as possible).   Else,  if Toyota continues to be at a loss as to what is happening, we and they could be in for a long and harrowing ride (no pun intended).

Update: The storyline continues here (sadly).


One Response to “Toyota Recall Fixes Not Helping?”

  1. Motorcycle Transportation Says:

    Any time a recall happens its going to dampen the growth of your company, it doesn;t help that the Japanese dump older model of their cars on North Americans compared to Japan

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